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FHN Centre
Kloster Altenhohenau 

Geschichte d. Klosters


The history
behind the monastery purchase

Fadi Krikor says:
“Around 2013 – during a prayer time – I suddenly had the thought: “Buy a monastery!” I thought about these words for some time and decided to contact a real estate agent here in Germany to find out if there was actually one Monastery was for sale. The idea of ​​purchasing a monastery seemed far-fetched to my common sense, but the words resonated in my mind.


To my amazement, there was actually a monastery for sale, and to my greater amazement, it was less than half an hour from where I lived! When I entered the monastery grounds, I immediately had the impression: “Yes, this is it!”. However, there were more than 20 interested buyers, primarily Catholic organizations, so the natural conditions gave little hope of being considered as buyers for the monastery. When Sister Gloria, the mother of the Dominican order, asked us about a concept for what we would use this 800-year-old monastery for, our hopes dwindled even further. For them, the concept was one of the most important factors in selling the monastery! But we had no concept.

After a few months, a miracle happened: Sister Gloria contacted us and told us: “250 sisters in the USA and Mexico have been praying intensively for the last three months, and we heard clearly from the LORD that we are selling the monastery to the Krikor family should!" Although we had no concept, the Lord had arranged for the monastery to be sold to us. Because the LORD Himself had a concept and knew what this monastery would serve and soon after, the Father’s House for all Nations (FHN) was born.”



You want to host an event?

Our rooms and rooms in the former monastery offer the best conditions for many event formats. Seclusion combined with tastefully furnished rooms and several event rooms as well as a large kitchen and a modern dining room leave little to be desired for a time out together.

We are happy to rent out our rooms for events and conferences upon request. Whether conference, seminar or meeting. Please ask us about our options. It is important to us that the event or conference is in line with the goals of FHN as a Christian conference venue.


Encounter, preparation, inspiration

Time is precious. If we don't take it, we sometimes miss important decisions in our lives. The former monastery is a good place to slow down and find the peace and quiet you need for a personal break and a reorientation. The monastery area and a guest kitchen are available to your use. Whether alone, as a couple or group, or in conjunction with our events. Or plan your own event in our rooms. You are very welcome as a community, home group or working group.

Personal time out
Events in the monastery
Pers. Auszeit
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