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Fadi & Nicole Krikor


Fadi Krikor was born in Aleppo-Syria to an Arab mother and an Armenian father and emigrated to Germany at the age of 18. He studied architecture and founded a successful real estate company with his brother.

Together with his wife Nicole, Fadi's concern over many years in various contexts was to call the church to live in unity, agreement and love.


In 2014, Fadi miraculously came to buy a monastery. And in an equally astonishing way, the Holy Spirit moved the sisters of the Dominican Order to sell this monastery to the Krikor brothers. (More on this here).

At the same time, Fadi became more deeply aware of the heart of God the Father for the nations; especially for the Middle East, where Fadi's original roots lie. His heart beats for the unity of the body of Christ across all denominational boundaries, both in Germany and worldwide. Together, Fadi & Nicole founded the Father's House for all Nations service, which is based in this former monastery.

During the refugee crisis, Fadi began helping and working with Syrian and other Arabic-speaking refugees in Germany and other countries. He spreads the gospel and plants churches among new converts. At the same time, he takes care of the practical needs of people in war zones and refugee camps in our aid projects.

As an artist, Nicole Krikor and Fadi dedicated themselves to the renovation of the former monastery and the furnishing of the rooms bears their individual signature. She has her studio here in the former Altenhohenau monastery and her works of art can be found everywhere in the monastery, giving the old walls a special flair of beauty and fragility. Her art can be found on the Internet under the name “Altenhohenart”.

Father’s House for all Nations is a place and at the same time a global spiritual service. The name reflects the heart of Heavenly Father and therefore Fadi's and Nicole's special concern to encourage the churches in the nations to stand together in unity and love.


Birgit & Christian Janke


Christian and Birgit Janke  have been in full-time service for decades. Her heart beats for nations, living together, sustained prayer and investing in the young generation.
Both love the presence and communion with the Holy Spirit and His work. Since April 2023 they have been living as spiritual leaders of the FHN Center in the Father's House for all Nations.

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